Traditional Kitchen Renovation with European Flair


Our client knew exactly what she didn’t like about her current kitchen, describing it as: dark, with very low ceilings; dated and unattractive; and non-functional, with unusable space and very few drawers.

She wanted a traditional design and was concerned about being driven by a designer’s stylistic preference, so our designer worked to find options within her budget and suggested ideas that fit her taste. In the process we vaulted the ceiling, adding a sense of spaciousness and making room for a dramatic hood and backsplash; relocated and enlarged the window, centering it in the dining area and adding a vibrant natural source of light; and installed deep cabinets and drawers, including spice drawers, to maximize the limited space.

Our client was delighted by the result, saying “Our designer kept the process simple and tuned in on what we wanted. There were no surprises.”